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Personal assist mini GPS tracker

Personal Assist is a mobile emergency response device providing with higher location GPS position or LBS location and voice interaction in case of emergency. designed primarily for the elderly, children and lone workers. Its internal GPS receiver is the last generation, a higher sensitivity with fast position taken in the first solicitation.

Its GPRS / GSM worldwide network frequency (quad-band support 850/900/1800/1900 MHz).

Personal Assist is designed to be connected to secure internet platform (ATK WEB)  www.personalassist.eu  easy to use that provides the exact positions in GPS mode and approximate fashion in LBS (when no GPS reception), a wide variety of reports, including SOS emergency, with input / output geo-alert zones , low battery, regular GPS location every 15 minutes if the user wants and many other options.

Personal Assist also supports sending SMS to 5 phone numbers in case of Emergency Alert state with an ATK map link to view immediately the position of the alarm then call cascade preprogrammed numbers for telephone communication rescue; it will send its every minute to ATK WEB position for 10 minutes (renewable if necessary).